Whats the value of a half point??

Further confirmation, not that it’s needed, why my wife, landlord and dog hate my gambling. Though, my loan shark is always very encouraging and extremely upbeat.  After spending Sunday morning doing what most people do, checking out LeBron James “likes” @ perfectbooties.  It’s always been a Mother’s Day tradition that Mrs. Riggs gets to make a $100 bet. If it wins she gets to keep it as an additional  gift.  I ask the Haitian Hottie who was her pick and why?  Said that she loved the Yankees because they had three players in the starting lineup that just pulverize Baltimore starer Bud (not from the Cosby show) Norris. She proceeds to tell me that Carlos Beltran is hitting .387 with 7 extra base hits off Norris. That Stephen drew is hitting .364  off him and that Chase lebron-james-750f7df248c22d2b          Headley is hitting .350 vs. Norris.   These stats are  coming from a woman who only knows what a bat is because she would use one  to fight off the thieves             who  were trying to steal her family’s Mangos.  In 26 years she has never picked a winner. This bet goes right in my pocket. I’ll save the $184 that I will have         to lay on  the Yankees.

Losing a bet is always hard. Losing a sickening bet is even worse. When I say sickening, I don’t mean the acid reflux kind, where you just pop in a PreVacid.


I’m talking about the  jaw dropping, projectile vomiting kind. I’m talking about walking into your suite at the Bellagio Hotel in Vegas only to find Mike and           Molly having sex in your bed. That kind of sickening. Watching and betting on the Cavs (-2 1/2) Sunday was that nauseating. With 4:03 left in the fourth

quarter Timofey Mozgov hits a layup to puts Cleveland up 80-73, I was feeling pretty, pretty, good. But noooo, that Rhodes Scholar J. R. Smith has to pick up a Technical foul. Two minutes latter the lead is down to three. Two  Lebron James offensive fouls, a Jimmy Butler step back 3 pointer and a Derrick Rose layup and the score is tied at 84.  1.5 seconds to play. I need a three pointer to win or a missed shot so the game goes into overtime and I have another opportunity to cover the spread. James recieves the inbound pass in the far corner and throws up a shot. I can’t tell if he is behind the 3 point line or not. If he is, please, please go in. If not please, please hit the side of the backboard and send the game into overtime. The shot goes in. Is it a 3 or a 2… is it a 3 or a 2 ? It’s a freaking 2!! Lose by a 1/2 a point. Well, the day is not a total disaster, The Yankees lost, right?

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