Further confirmation, not that it’s needed, why my wife, landlord and dog hate my gambling. Though, my loan shark is always very encouraging and extremely upbeat. There’s no luck, there’s bad luck and there is Star Trek like “Kobayashi Maru” luck. Kobayashi Maru is the ultimate no win scenario. Since Monday that has been the case. No wins and lots of “WTF”. Which by the way is a Yiddish term. Monday night taking washington plus 4 1/2 points. Paul millsap sinks two free throws with 0.9 seconds on the clock and Atlanta wins 106-101. “WTF”. Tuesday 1. “WTF”. Lets not forget the cavaliers on tuesday night laying 5 1/2 points. With ten seconds left in the game, LeBron James is at the line for two foul shots with cleveland up 4 points. Makes  both and it’s six. Makes the first, misses the second. The game lands on five. “WTF”.


Believe it or not, Wednesday was, as the rugrat kids would say,  “worser”. Bet the over of 8 1/2 runs in the Tiger/Twin game. After six inning the score is 6-2. Needed just one more run over the last there innings. Not two. Not Three. Just one. Is that too much to ask? Bottom of the 7th inning and the Tigers have the bases loaded with one out. all I  Need is one of the following to happen  so they can score. A base hit would be nice but that’s  asking too much. So how about a fielding error? Or a balk? Or a sacrifice fly? Or a fielders choice at second or third base? Or a passed ball? Or Catches interference? Or anything BUT striking out and grounding out to the pitcher, which is what two batters did. “WTF”.

But! The piece de resistance, The cherry on top, For “WTF” Wednesday was the Atlanta/Washington game. About one hour before game time it’s announced that John Wall is playing. The line was Atlanta 7 1/2. Should I take the points? Nah, too easy. Lets take the money line at +275. All season the hawks had only scored one go ahead field goal in the last 15 seconds of the game. Wednesday night they did if twice and won by points. “WTF”. One last thing. Is there any doubt that fi they ever remake Mel Brooks’s Blazing Saddles, That Rob Gronkowski will play the role of mongo?





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