The Truth….

 Further confirmation, not that it’s needed, why my wife, landlord and dog hate my gambling. Though, my loan shark is always very encouraging and extremely upbeat.

   How many times does the hammer have to hit you on the head until you finally grasp that yes, you are the nail. Friday night, Hawks/Wizards. I lay the 2 1/2 points with Washington. Six seconds to play and Al Horford goes to the foul line for two shots with the Hawks up two. If he makes both then Atlanta goes up four and the game is over.  I lose outright. That I can live with. A no pain defeat. But no, he misses the first foul shot.  Now  I have a chance for a tie game and overtime.  If he misses the second shot it’s a two point game.  Makes it and it’s a three point margin with six seconds to play. Plenty of time.  Horford sinks the second shot and it’s a three point game.

Boston+Celtics+v+New+York+Knicks+Game+Five+Px5FzmYZIK7x Paul “The Truth”, “I called game”, “I hated playing for the Nets” Pierce enters the game.  He receives the ball in the left corner and throws up a one leg, falling backwards three point shot at the buzzer. It’s good! The crowd in the Verizon Center erupts as if they have just announced that Mad Men is coming back for an 8th season. The score is tied. It’s on to overtime. I have finally ducked the hammer.  Because the shot was at the buzzer, the officials go to the replay to give their blessing, that yes indeed the basket counts. No sweat.  It’s just like blessing your food before you eat it.  Just looked at the replay…mucho sweat. There will be no blessing. Because Pierce has fingers the length of “E.T’s.”, the ball is still on them as the game clock hits zero. Game over. No         overtime. BAM, the hammer gets me again.

   Question:  Was I the only one who went to see Perfect Pitch 2, thinking it was a baseball movie starring Kevin Costner?

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