Further confirmation, not that it’s needed, why my wife, landlord and dog hate my gambling. Though, my loan shark is always very encouraging and extremely upbeat.

Mrs. Riggs has a ring tone for everyone that calls her. The one she has chosen for me is the Elton John song, “Funeral for a friend/love lies bleeding”. Forget the fact that the song is about a man who can’t stand the thought of his woman being with another man. She likes to tell people that night after night her man is attending his own funeral with the games he chooses to wager on.

361Tuesday I attended one such funeral. Cubs vs. Padres. Hammel vs. Shields. Under/over 6 ½ flat. Love the under. Cubs score two runs in the top of the third on two solo shots. One by Chris Coghlan. Innings four thru eight they can only muster 3 hits. Never getting a past second base. San Diego scores one run in fifth and one run in the seventh. They put two on the board in the bottom of the eight, making the score 4-2.

The cubs have their 6th, 7th and 8th place hitters do up in the top of the ninth. San Diego brings in their closer Craig Kimbrel. This isn’t even fair. Maybe he’ll pitch left handed and give them a fighting chance. First victim up is Miguel Montero. Strikes him out. Two outs to go and my Washington generals losing streak is history. The second martyr Up is Jorge Soler. He also strikes out. One out to go. That very unfamiliar smell in the air is one of victory. Next up is Chris Coghlan, who came into the game hitting under .200 and has already hit one out. No way, I say no way can he do that again. Here’s the pitch… he swings… that ball is high… it is mind blowing far… it is… final score 4-3. Another game. Another funeral.

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