Go lay 1 1/2 runs…

Further confirmation, not that it’s needed, why my wife, landlord and dog hate my gambling. Though, my loan shark is always very encouraging and extremely upbeat.

My bucket list.1)Cash a winning bet on the Yankees -1 1/2 runs. Friday night the Yanks were laying the -1 1/2 +65.  Bottom of the second and one out, Garrett Jones singles to right. Two batters later Stephen Drew hits a 2 run homer. Bottom of the third, Brett Gardner singles to center.  After the next two batters make out, Mark Teixeira hits a two run homer. Yanks up 4-0. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Time to start looking at Saturday’s Racing Form. Bottom of the fifth, after one out, Gardner triples to left center. Chase Headley pops up to short.  A-Rod then singles to right and the lead is now 5-0. Time to start looking at Saturday’s UFC Fight Night 68 card.sn_g_yankees1_sw_576LAA scores one run in the top of the sixth but the Yanks come back and score two in the bottom of the inning and lead 7-1. Time to start looking at the Saturday’s WBC Middleweight Title Bout in Brooklyn, NY. The Yankees add another run in the seventh and lead 8-1. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.Yeah. To one Nay. Time to look and see what Vivid has on pay per view Saturday night.

Top of the ninth and I’m three outs away from a fun filled Saturday. Then it happened. The Yankees bring in Esmil (batting practice) Rogers and his 6+ ERA. Now, I might not be John Nash but I can do simple math. Yanks up by 7. Rogers has a 6 ERA, That smell in the air is trouble. First batter up singles. Second batter doubles. Then the piece de resistance. Rogers induces Grant Green to hit a pop up between first and second. Yankees third baseman, Chase Headley, who is now playing first base, yells something to second baseman Jose Pirela. Pirela in turn yells back at Headley. They then watch as the ball falls between them. Everyone assumes they were each yelling , “I got it”.  They weren’t. Because Riggs Diggs has microphones in every ball park, we can tell you what they were yelling. Headley, “It tastes great!”. Pirela, “No. it’s less filling!” Six runs in the top of the ninth. Yanks win 8-7.  I can tell you, the final score was not less filling and tastes like…


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