My bets stink..

Tuesday night there were so many opportunities to make a winning bet. I could of bet the Yankees against the Nationals. The Bombers had won six in a row. Washington had lost 8 out of their last 10 games. Yanks win going away 6-1. I passed. The Houston Astros had lost 5 in a row and were a -143 favorite at the White Sox.  A home underdog. I love a home dog.  I passed. Chicago wins 4-2.

Speaking of home dogs, that’s just what the Cavs were vs. Golden State. A two point underdog. LBJ getting points at home. How could I pass that up? I did. Cleveland wins 96-91. So many games to choose from. There is an old horse racing axiom,”when you choose you lose”.  Who to bet? I needed a sign. I needed the Bat Signal to point me in the right direction.  Then it happened. Had the radio on and an instrumental caught my ear. It was the beginning of the Yes song, “Fish”.  Fish? What team could the song be referring to? Then like Ray Rice in an Atlantic City Casino elevator it hit me. The Miami Marlins. The Marlin. It might be a funky looking fish, but it’s a fish. There was my sign. I had to bet the Marlins +135.  After seven innings the “fish” are up 3-2. Toronto hasn’t scored since the fourth inning. Miami-Marlins-generic-graphic

Top of the ninth and Miami brings in their closer A.J. Ramos. Unbeknownst to me, it turns out that he was on a pitch count. A 7 pitch, pitch count. As Ramos winds up and gets ready to throw his 7th and final pitch, another Yes song starts to play, “Hold On”.  He doesn’t. The pitch is on the way and  Edwin Encarnacion hits it 411 feet for a game winning two run homer. Unlike the Marlin, my bets stink.


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