Nathans Hot Dogs… Da Best….

Every once in awhile the gambling Gods send down a message that maybe you should look for another way to support your family. Saturday that message was sent down like a bolt of lighting from Zeus himself.  For the past eight years Joey Chestnut has won the Nathan’s famous hot dog eating contest at Coney Island. Just two years ago he devoured 69 wieners. Not only had I found some chumpette (Mrs. Riggs) to give me even money on Mr. Chestnut but I was getting +1 1/2 dogs. What happens? He loses to a first time contestant Matt Stonie by 2 hot dogs. All of a sudden the guy is watching his weight and only stuffs down 60 dogs. How hard can it be to eat 61 hot dogs in 10 minutes? There has to be an easier way to make money. Not if you are betting baseball.

Friday night Tampa Bay at the New York Yankees. Chris Archer is pitching for the Rays. He is 5-0 with an era of 2.02 in his career against the bombers. Take the +1 1/2 runs. After six innings he is cruising along with a 3-0 lead, having given up just three base hits. Bottom seven, he gets the first two outs then hits Didi Gregorius. That was his 122 and last pitch of the evening. Bottom of the eighth, after yielding singles to Chase Headley and A-Rod, Rays reliever Kevin Jepsen gives up a three run homer to Mark Teixeira and the game is tied at 3 all.

But there is still hope as Tampa Bays plates two runs in the top of the 12th and takes a 5-3 lead.  The Yanks can now hit a three run homer in the bottom of the inning and I would still win by a half a run. Which is what they did…after scoring one run right before  Brian McCann hit his 3 run home run. Yanks win 7-5. There has to be a easier way to make a money…150704141925-06-nathans-hot-dog-eating-contest-2015-super-169

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