Some people are just natural winners. Take Nigel Richards, who hails from New Zealand. He is the Michael Jordan of  the board game Scrabble. Five time United States champ. Three time World Scrabble Champion. One time winner of  Thailand’s King’s Cup Scrabble Championship.  A few days ago he won the French Language Scrabble World Championship, without knowing how to speak French!

Then there are natural losers, example: Tuesday night, Chicago Cubs at the Cincinnati Reds. Cincinnati had beaten them the night before by a score of 5-4. Time to bet them right back, while getting +119. The Reds open the scoring by plating one run in the bottom of the first. They add another single run in the second and lead 2-0. The Cubs score single runs in the top of the fifth and sixth innings.The score is tied at 2. With one out in the bottom half of the seventh, Brandon Phillips singles to right. Next up, Joey Votto ,he singles to center, moving Phillips to third. Men at the corners, the victory rally has begun. Next up is Home Run Derby Champ, Todd Frazier. Frazier singles to center scoring Phillips and Votto, who had just stolen second and the Red Legs take a 4-2 lead.


Just need to get through the eighth inning so Cincinnati can bring in their flame throwing closer Aroldis Chapman to close out the game. Ryan Mattheus gives up a one out single to Starlin Castro, then retires the next two batters. The Reds go three up, three down in the bottom of the eighth. No big deal, we have Chapman coming in. My long losing streak if finally coming to an end. The bullpen door swings open and out comes… J.J.Hoover. What?!! J.J.Hoover!! What happened to Chapman? Did they trade him during the game? Did he defect back to Cuba? Turns out because he had pitched the previous two nights he was unavailable.  Hoover gives up a trying two run homer. Of course he does. Cubs score a run in the 13th and win 5-4. Might not be the best speller, but one word I can spell is…L O S E R…

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