Today Major League Baseball inducts it’s newest four members into the Hall of Fame. Pitchers John Smoltz, RandyJohnson and Pedro Martinez. Completing the foursome is infielder Craig Biggio. Speaking of the Hall of Fame, I had the opportunity to play “Sports Jeopardy” with two Hall of Famers of deep thoughts and brilliant insights, The Hulkster himself Hulk Hogan and Colin Cowherd.

Hulk Hogan went first, ” Alex, I’ll take, How do I really feel about my daughter dating a black rapper for $500 ?”.

Colin Cowherd was up next, “Alex, I’ll take, Just how racist and condescending can I be towards Dominican players for $1000 ?”.

It was then my turn to step up to the plate. “Alex, I’ll take, How hard is it for two teams to score a combined eight runs in a nine inning game for the love of God ?”.

Thursday night Kansas Royals at their intrastate rival St. Louis Cardinals. Take the over 7+105. Top of the first and things couldn’t have gone any better. Royals have men on first and second when Salvador Perez singles to left, pushing across the first run of the game.  Alex Rios follows that with a single to right  that scores the second run of the inning. Jason Heyward  singles to open the bottom of the second. After one out, Randal Grichuk homers to left and the score is tied at 2.  Bottom of the third, Kolten Wong singles and then Matt Carpenter, hits another two run homer.  That’s six runs in just three innings of play. Need two runs over the next six innings. How hard can that be. This bet is a Hershey Bar. A sweet tasting victory.

Neither team scores in the 4th. Or the 5th. Or the 6th. Or the 7th. Or the 8th. No need for concern as Rios opens the top of the ninth with a single. Omar Infante then triples to right scoring Rios. K.C. trails 4-3. No outs and a man on third. Just 90 feet, 2743.2 centimeters away from eating that Hershey Bar. Final score…4-3. A push.

Alex, I’ll take, When is my long nightmare of never cashing a bet going to end? Because I have one sweet tooth…

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