There are floods and then there are floods. 1927, the great Mississippi flood. Per Wikipedia, the most destructive river flood in the history of the United States with 27,000 square miles inundated up to a depth of 30 feet. China, August 26, 1931, The most devastating flood of the 20th century. The most devastating flood of the 21st century took place Thursday July 30, 2015 in Flushing, New York. San Diego Padres at the New York Mets. Take the Mets laying the -106. Bottom of the first and the Mets jump out to a 1-0 lead on a sacrifice by Daniel Murphy. Bottom of the fifth, Curtis Granderson hits a three run dinger and puts the Mets up 4-0. After scoring three runs in the bottom of the seventh, the Mets take a 7-1 lead. This is now a Hershey Bar of a game.

The Padres  close within two on a grand slam by Derek Norris. Mets up 7-5 heading the the top of the ninth. Jeurys Familia comes into close out the game. He retires the first two batters. One out to go. Derek Norris is up. The count is 0-1. Before Familia can throw another pitch, thunder and lighting. The skies open up. Rain of Biblical proportions. The playing field is flooded.They have to stop the game. Two strikes or one out from victory. 45 minutes later the game resumes. Norris singles to right. Matt Kemp, singles on a 90 hopper to left. Justin Upton hits a three run homer to put San Diego in the lead 8-7.  After another rain delay of two hours the Mets go down 1-2-3.  No Hershey Bar, no life boat, just a flood of tears for not cashing a winning bet.

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